Born in 1978, Andrea Greco lives and works in Mozzate, Como. As the grandson of a painter and sculptor, he began to paint as a self-taught young artist. Andrea works by creating pieces that explore the different aspects of man such as frames of mind, tensions and emotions, evocations of memory and all elements that bring to a profound connection with the soul within us. Between 2007 and 2010, he travelled to Kenya and Turkey where he was able to refine his use of natural pigments, and he completed a series of artwork, Polaroid, between 2009 and 2010. In 2010 his pieces were exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, University of Ljubljana, Rome, Como and Milan. He was nominated for the Il Segno 2010 contemporary art prize in 2010 for work on the Polaroid of my little world. Subsequently, he participated in the Biennale of Ferrara. His works were published in the International Contemporary Artists catalogue by Ica Publishing in New York. In 2011, he was among the finalists of the ArtGallery prize in Milan for La voce della brughiera, a piece that is part of the paintings called Brughiere. Earlier this year, after several experiments, he emerged with the series, Karma, which he realised using various types of tar, glazes, pigments and resins. In 2012 his works were selected for the premiere Up_nea 2012 by Fabbrica Borroni . In the same year, Andrea released an art series “Anche I fiori piangono” (Even flowers cry), that brings one to reflect on the superficiality of a declining society. In 2013, the series was chosen for the Art from Europe exhibition, held at the Sca Project Gallery in Los Angeles and sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture. In autumn, he presented two new series: Le Muse (The Muse), during the Mode On collective at the Reggio Emilia Art Fair, where the music is the subject, and almost simultaneously Aggregazioni, a series in which the circle is used as a symbol of life and its cyclical nature. What characterises this work is his incorporation of old and used lids and caps tin.
In the last months of the 2013 he also started collaborating with the Swiss Art Gate in Dubai. In Italy he work with Colonna Art Gallery and Mario Giusti HQ Art Gallery. He also been the subject of the articles written by Giorgio Barassi, Francesca Lucioni, Alessandro Celli, Ambrose Chiari and Virgil Patarini. His works can be found in many private art collections.

Places of memory, frames of mind, tensions and emotions. These are some of the elements that Greco brings to life through his works. The artist's acute attention to the often unconscious visions that his mind creates, is immediately translated to works on canvas.

Francesca Lucioni
art critic


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